8 to CREATE 2018
I was one of the 8 artists invited to participate in 8 to CREATE 2018 at the Link Gallery at the University of Illinois.  Given the short amount of time to produce an artwork I chose a style that was atypical of my work.  The process begins with random, abstract blobs on paper with watercolor.  I then allow the shapes to determine the subject matter.  The shapes are defined by painting and drawing over the abstract shapes with pen and ink. I have named the process, for lack of a better name, “Accidental Pop Art.” It is based on pareidolia, a human tendency to perceive recognizable shapes in random patterns such as cloud formation.  The painting from the event was later titled “Remnants.”

“8 to CREATE is an art event in which 8 artists have 8 hours to create 8 drawings.
The event is open to the public to observe, engage, and participate in the creative process.”
View the completed image: https://www.steampunkgrub.art/remnants
More info about 8 to CREATE: https://publish.illinois.edu/8tocreate/
Event photos by Jenny Liu.  Additional event photo by Merlissa Merli.
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