I am honored to have been recognized for 40 North's 2019 Artist Ace Award along with six other inspiring individuals from the community.

“The ACE (arts, culture and education) Awards are presented annually by 40 North | 88 West to honor the work of artists, teachers, businesses, individuals, organizations, volunteers, community and government leaders. All seven ACE Awards highlight a different part of the cultural life of our community and celebrate those that, through hard work, dedication, and creative energy, cultivate the arts of Champaign County.“ 
2019 Ace Awards Winners

Advocate ACE Award – Jason Finkelman
Artist ACE Award – EKAH
Volunteer ACE Award – Susan Curtis
Business ACE Award – Dixon Graphics
Teacher ACE Award – John Currey
Student ACE Award – Keenan Dailey
Lifetime ACE Award – Bea Nettles


2019 Ace Award Winners Photo by Lawrence McGowen
Awards photo by 40 North
Ace Award Winners Video Series
Artist Ace Award - EKAH
Video: https://youtu.be/sMnbSqcoTLs

Videography by Five Foot Productions
"Meant to be seen"
Even though fewer folks are reading physical newspapers today, I was thrilled to be featured on the frontpage of The News Gazette just a day before the Ace Awards ceremony.  The irony of the headline is not lost on me.

Link to article:  "Champaign artist being honored for work she once strived to keep anonymous"