Below is a selection of work-in-progress images and photos.
The project began with various sketches, then refined as a graphite drawing elements. The elements were put together in Photoshop and digitally colored into two separate illustrations broken into multiple panels. They were combined and manually interlaced in Photoshop to create a single image. This single image is composed of 80 lines-per-inch stripes, alternating between the two images with every line. Each line width is .0125 inch, which is equivalent to 1/80 inch. This line width matches half the width of the lens on the lenticular sheets. 
These interlaced images were then printed on photo papers. Lenticular sheets were then mounted on top of each photo print. The mounted pieces were then trimmed to fit the 4 inch x 4 inch wood cradled panels. Each panel was painted and coated with protective spray. The lenticular-mounted prints were then glued to each wood panel. There are total of 50 wood panels. Once glued, they were coated with additional spray to seal to withstand the outdoor environment and the elements.

Lenticular test print

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