“Blue Moon / Red Moon”
Community Supported Arts 2017 - Exclusive Edition Lenticular Blocks
Block dimension: 4” x 4” x 3/4”
Digitally-interlaced print of animated drawings, lenticular lens, wood canvas panel.

I'm always exploring ways to depict and tell stories via unique visuals and processes, and the lenticular series is one of the methods that best combines my interest in drawing, animation, and digital art. The series uses the 16th century idea of “turning pictures” while combining the 20th century “hologram cards” once found in boxes of popular snacks, Cracker Jacks. Instead of hologram cards, the series uses sequential images of drawings and animation created in both traditional and digital media. They are best viewed live, in person.

Would you like the Blue Moon or the Red Moon?  Watch the below video to see magic happen.
Original illustration and additional images of the “Blue Moon / Red Moon” series can be viewed at:
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