Exquisite Trio: Black & White is a collaborative project between artists, Kim Caisse, Lydia Puddicombe, and EKAH. The first installment of Exquisite Trio will showcase a collection of black-and-white, ink drawings.
The project was borne out of Double Take, an invitational group show from 40 North, where EKAH, Kim, and Lydia were participating artists. Double Take was “inspired by the Exquisite Corpse drawing game invented by the surrealists where artists took turns creating sections of an image on a sheet of paper, folded to hide each individual contribution.”
The three artists have become friends in the past several years and are mutual admirers of each other’s art, and all three have affinity for dreamy creatures. The commitment to the project began before the pandemic. Serendipitously, collaborating on an Exquisite Corpse game seemed like a logical step in the time of social distancing. 
Each artist was tasked with starting a batch of 9 drawings divided into 3 themes - Animal, Creature, and Human. Each drawing is composed of three parts, usually top, middle, and bottom. We took turns by covering up our finished, assigned parts, then mailed or dropped off the batch of drawings to the next artist. The last artist to complete the batch revealed the drawings. There are total of 27 drawings.
Exquisite Trio Online Show is now Permanent 
Be sure to visit the 360 Gallery for a more interactive experience. You can click-and-drag your screen to look around where ever you are in the gallery.

Technical info: 3D scene was modeled and rendered in Autodesk 3ds Max. Marzipano Tool was used to create the 360 gallery.