Murals at Stratton Academy of the Arts
Murals at Stratton Academy of the Arts is a collaboration between myself and Mandy Danowitz, along with talented, young students ranging from 2nd through 5th grade from Mr. Casey Kashnig's Art Studio class at Stratton Elementary School. The mural design is based on my “Audition” illustration that I have modified to accommodate younger students to work with.  New character designs have also been added to better represent the school's artistic and creative environment.  Mandy and I spent three months, three times a week, with the students - teaching and guiding them through the mural painting process.  The mural covers multiple walls that span 83 feet (23 meters) in total width. Stratton is an arts magnet school which specializes in visual and
performing arts. 
Mural Design & Illustration
Mural Artists
EKAH & Mandy Danowitz
Arts Coordinator
Emily young
Art Studio Class Instructor
Casey Kashnig
Student Mural Artists - 2nd through 5th grade Art Studio
Victoria, Sam, Jayla, Malak, Dieuvie, Moriah, Kamaria, Adelyn, Raziya, Kania, Sonja
Additional Mural Artists
Kelly White, Jihee Lee, Kelly Hieronymus, Carol Farnum, Karen Kulas, Joanna, University of Illinois Office of Volunteer Students
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