“Sleeper Cells”
Watercolor and pastel pencils on paper
12 in. x 12 in. mounted on cradled wood panel

Sleeper Cells” was part of “Double Take,” an invitational group exhibit from 40 North. I was invited to pair up with another artist on an exquisite-corpse inspired collaboration. I asked a talented artist based in Missouri, Kim Caisse, to join me in this experiment. The two of us decided on sharing minimal info for the project. The only info Kim and I shared were the few tick marks where the two panels would meet. We worked for the total surprise effect and went to work on our pieces. Neither of us knew what the other person was working on until the opening reception of Double Take. The resulting pieces juxtaposed was a surprising one that we were both very happy to discover.
Left: EKAH
Title: Sleeper Cells
Watercolor and pastel pencils

Right: Kim Caisse
Title: And They Enjoyed the Time They Spent Waiting Together
Double Take Opening Night at 40 Point One Art Space:

Various interpretations from the viewers were just as amusing to listen to as the reveal. One commented that the left side is the anatomical part of the right side's creature. Another saw on Orwellian theme - 1984 on the left and Animal Farm on the right. Yet another interpretation was that the left-side panel is giving birth to the right-side panel - manufacturing life, if you will. 
More info about Kim Caisse:
This exquisite-corpse inspired collaborative group show was comprised of 10 pairs of artists, 20 identical wood panels. Each pair shared minimal info with each other. Some shared color themes, others shared a phrase, or two. One even shared earth's coordinates. And of course, there were those who shared the points at which the lines meet, as one would in a typical game of exquisite corpse. Apart from the sliver of info, we were not allowed to share the piece with each other or with the public. The suspense was unbearable for some of the artists. The results were wonderful.
“This special exhibition was inspired by the Exquisite Corpse drawing game invented by the surrealists where artists took turns creating sections of an image on a sheet of paper, folded to hide each individual contribution. DOUBLE TAKE features 10 pairs of artists that were invited to collaborate with only minimal shared information on a set of 12 inch x 12 inch provided panels. The opening reception will also be an exciting reveal since all the artists will see their completed corresponding panels for the very first time!”

Double Take: https://40north.org/programs/40-point-one

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