“The Pecking Order”

4" x 4" (10cm x 10cm) Each
Three childhood buddies formed an acapella group called The Pecking Order. While their peers got into troubles by pecking the cranial of the area rodents, The Pecking Order focused on making beautiful sounds. However, it became apparent to each member that only one of the birds could actually sing. The other two members found their talents through percussion and strings. They also came of age during this time and felt the acapella didn’t suit their rough-around-the-edge image they aspired to sport. The Pecking Order was reborn. A grunge-rock group with occasional message. This unified message and creative differences became continued bone of contention between the members. The band eventually broke up and took time off from the group. Delusions of grandeur ultimately brought the group back together to work out their differences to record a new album, which in fact is their first album. 
The lead guitarist of The Pecking Order feels the band lacks discipline.
“I’d like to think that I bring the band to the next level by focusing on the bigger picture and not just on one particular song.”
-- Lead Guitarist
Front bird and lead vocalist denies rift between the band members.
“I welcome collaboration, but it’s difficult to collaborate if I’m the only one coming up with ideas.”
-- Front Bird & Lead Vocalist
The drummer of the band is skeptical about the band’s reunion.
So much egos in this band.
-- Drummer
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